Monthly Archives: June 2011

Current Consulting Words

Since 12 months, some words get involved in everyday operations:
ALM, Continuous Integration, TFS2010, VS2010, FxCop, Build server, MSBuild, Agile and MSF Agile v5, TFS Work Items.

Theses others words are following:
.net, wcf, wpf, wf, Enterprise Library, Unity, linq, Entity Framework, log4net, codeplex, MSDN library, Windows Server, SQL Server, SharePoint and Windows Phone.

Visual Studio 2010 and TFS 2010

Rencently, I setup a TFS 2010 platform for team development using Visual Studio 2010. According to the team members, the integration with VS2010 is very cool.

Day-to-day operations, work items and the CI features (quality with code analysis, build management, reporting) brings better development experiences. Projects migration into TFS SCM was very easy.

I made the promotion of the codeplex TFS Guide

The platform was built on top of Windows Server and SQL Server 2008.

Windows Development in C++

Building applications using Platform SDK is strongly encouraged by Microsoft. Next month, my new article about multi-core programming using Visual C++ 2010 and ConcRT will be available in French Programmez july/august newspaper.