C++ 11 – Everything you can read

Available on ATT web site and Bjarne Stroustrup (inventor of C++) space, here a FAQ for C++ 11:  FAQ C++ 11 : http://www2.research.att.com/~bs/C++0xFAQ.html

Why C++ is so important at Microsoft what is Microsoft commitment to C++. Windows 8 and C++ means:
New programming model for Windows 8 | Get the full power of your CPU and GPU | Use Windows 8 hardware capabilities to the fullest | Build for ARM | Visual C++ is The power and performance tool for Windows.

C++ is the ultimate object oriented programming approach. C++ programmers care about details.

C++ 11 is the new ISO standard for C++ language. What’s new in C++ 11 ? Check-out this Herb Sutter image from “Why C++” talk: http://ecn.channel9.msdn.com/content/WhyCPPCB2011.pdf
To read (for free) a 1334 PDf document about the C++ language, you can drownload the draft of the C++ Programming Language Specifications:  ISO/IEC 14882:2011 Programming Language C++ – draft

From Bjarne Stroustrup, “What is the new C++” : C++ is a language for building software infrastructure | C++ is a language for applications with large systems programming parts | C++ is a language for building and using libraries | C++ is a language for resource-constrained systems | C++ is a language for efficiently expressing abstractions | C++ is a language for general and efficient algorithms | C++ is a language for general and compact data structures | C++ is a lightweight abstraction language. The C++ document to read: BS-what-is-c++0x.pdf

To find advanced STL topics, check out Advanced STL channel9 sessions :

See Part 1 -> shared_ptr and friends | See Part 2 -> Algorithm optimization | See Part 3 -> STL’s comprehensive correctness checks | See Part 4 -> rvalue references, perfect forwarding, associative containers  | See part 5 -> http://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Going+Deep/C9-Lectures-Stephan-T-Lavavej-Advanced-STL-5-of-n | From the presentation : vis-1.1.pptx

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