The power of native development

Today, My “modeler tool” as a rich set of features, required for a basic shape-drawing modeling tool. Different features are provided like:

– Create drawing shapes and text areas
– Create Infrastructure diagram and development shapes (UML like)
– Display pictures
– Select, move and resize an element
– Inspect and modify elements properties in a property grid and propagate the changes to Ribbon UI
– Modify properties in the Ribbon UI and propagate the changes to the property grid
– Handle an elegant Ribbon UI with button gallery, color palette, line color, line width
– Zoom in and zoom out features with a scrolling area to provide wide and large documents
– Multiple view features

All the source is native – it means it is done using C/C++ using latest C++11 features like STL heavy usage, STL containers, and modern C++ code.

Note: The testing and the user feedback phases are provided by my daughter Lisa, 6 years. :)

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