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Key Microsoft changes for Windows 8 and Metro Style Apps

Once again, Windows Team is addicted to C/C++… I love those guys… :)

Windows 8 Internals are fully native (C/C++)

  • Windows Team works since more than 2/3 years on this technology
  • Windows Runtime and Windows Runtime Language use the latest C/C++ modern features
  • WRL is the new ATL/COM technology

Presentation Technologies are native

  • Windows 8 is powered by native XAML controls and DirectX technologies
  • Internet Explorer rendering engine experience is a key factor
  • IE is used has the web app container and handles CSS, XML, JS technologies
  • XAML for C++ was implemented and is used. Nor WPF or Silverlight or .NET code is involved in W8.

Development languages

  • Every language is considered as a first-class language but the reality is different….
  • C++ has major advantages against C#, VB, JS because it is native and Windows is native
  • Metro Style App model allows C# use but not the whole .NET framework stack. Less < 10%. Revolution…
  • C++ applications can use C-Runtime, STL and some Win32 API with limited restrictions compared to C#

Windows 8 Metro Style Apps Programming Model

I am not sure that every developers have understood the following diagram that expose the W8 architecture nor the WinRT APIs. The fact is that there is not .NET Framework programming involved in this technology. Everything is native, from XAML controls to WInRT core and WinRT API. WinRT is powered by COM and WRL is the new ATL/COM and is using the latest C++ modern technique features. How do we can explain the marketing “fast and fluid” ? Just say it is Power and performance. Visual C++. What Else ? :)

Modeling and Source Code Editor

Into my modeling tool, I can now associate a “class” shape with some code. The source code editor is provided by scintilla and is very powerful. Look at the color syntaxing.

The feature of switching views is implemented with tabbed views. It is easy to add views.