Key Microsoft changes for Windows 8 and Metro Style Apps

Once again, Windows Team is addicted to C/C++… I love those guys… :)

Windows 8 Internals are fully native (C/C++)

  • Windows Team works since more than 2/3 years on this technology
  • Windows Runtime and Windows Runtime Language use the latest C/C++ modern features
  • WRL is the new ATL/COM technology

Presentation Technologies are native

  • Windows 8 is powered by native XAML controls and DirectX technologies
  • Internet Explorer rendering engine experience is a key factor
  • IE is used has the web app container and handles CSS, XML, JS technologies
  • XAML for C++ was implemented and is used. Nor WPF or Silverlight or .NET code is involved in W8.

Development languages

  • Every language is considered as a first-class language but the reality is different….
  • C++ has major advantages against C#, VB, JS because it is native and Windows is native
  • Metro Style App model allows C# use but not the whole .NET framework stack. Less < 10%. Revolution…
  • C++ applications can use C-Runtime, STL and some Win32 API with limited restrictions compared to C#

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