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CEO Read Books. Or, may be they should…

Like any other CEO, I am focused on sports, family and books. I love books. I love sports. But some books are greats. Any ideas ? My 0.02 cent.

Larson, Carl E. and Franck M. J. LaFasto. Teamwork : What Must Go Right; What Can Go Wrong. 1989. Relations, Objectives and Team Building.
Communications of the ACM, October 1993. Team Strctures.
Constantine, Larry L. Constantine on Peopleware. Englewood Cliffs, N. J. 1995. New Team Concepts.
Brooks, Frederic P., Jr. The Mythical Man-Month, Anniversary Edition. 1995
Thomset, Rob. When the Rubber Hits the Road : A Guide to Implementing Self-Managing Teams, December 1994
MacCarthy, Jim. 54 Règles d’or pour un grand logiciel. 1995. Microsoft Rules, Internals.
Heckel, Paul. The Elements of Friendly Software Design. 1984
Martin, James. Rapid Application Development. 1991. Chapter 10 for SWAT & RAD.
Peters, Thomas J. et Robert H. Waterman, Jr. In Search of Excellence. 1982. Multiple projects from castors teams.
DeMarco, Tom. Why Does Software Cost So Much? 1995
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MyModeler BETA2 source code is shipped on

MyModeler BETA2 (April 2012) is available on on this link:

The source code is heavily re-worked from Feb 2012 BETA1. It is now full Boost ( ready and it can build either on VC10 and VC11. 64 bit support is not achieved yet. Unicode not yet. Windows 8 migration and branching is under work. This April 2012 step was the initiator for the Windows 8 migration project with XAML technology. Windows 8 offers great opportunities to native applications. Write once. Run on multiple devices and platforms without pain.

MyModeler BETA1 is available – source code and MSI installer

To be ready on June 2012 for Windows 7 and September 2012 for Windows 8 on MS Store, my application is hosted on SCM is TFS. License model is MS-PL. IDE is VS2010 for publishing and VS11 Beta under Windows 8 for development purposes and enhancements. All the developments are done under Windows 8 and VS 11 BETA. Here is the publishing view for TFS usage on

MyModeler for Windows 7 – BETA (MSI)

Here is the BETA 1 of the MyModeler application prototype. Built in February 2012. Designed for my C++ talk about C++ 11 at TechDays 2012. The package is a just a 7 MB because it contains the debug version of the application. No more than 7 MB. Fully native. Fast. Fluid. Secure. Powered by Visual C++ and Windows API. To install the BETA 1, just download the msi and image files in the application folder. Run and send me emails for support information.

Download all on – MyModeler is published under MS-PL.

Microsoft Certificate of Excellence – Do it matters ? – Services vs Products.

When it comes to develop software for real, all these kind of posters disappears. Software developers know how to make softwares. Consulting guys know how to sell services. The jobs are different. The motivations are different. The skills are different. Jobs should not be considered as the same. Consulting vs Software development is a topic that is very difficult to address because the barrier is not so easy to draw under some circumstances. Software development is taking a different approach rather than Services consulting. Softwares are not designed the same way. It’s a long term design against a short term software design. In services, if the solution is re-build and a new architecture is adopted every year, it is not a problem. In the Software Development area, this not an option. Software Development means huge investment. Services just brings solutions and marketing in the perspective of a mission, most of the time with a short timeframe window. Even the marketing phase is completely different. For Software Development, the marketing phase is about product features and it is integrated into a product roadmap. Certifications and Courses are the first step to embrace the consulting services world and its marketing and Services materials but Software Development is another world, like a Y branch, a fork. Far away from the requirements steps, the road to take should be determined but some factors like accountability, quality, delivery requirements, challenges, mobility and team collaboration. Team work is different in both branches. In Services, human collaboration, interaction and communication are very important, more than technical skills or IT expertise. Services challenges are not easy. Software Development most important factors are team collaboration, visions and technical and architecture skills. Every software developer is an Architect and write source code. In Services, few of Senior Consultants write source code. Delivery is complex but different.

Software Development Learning Serie – Part I – The software learning and knowledge approach

Subject: Software Development Learning Serie – Part I – The software learning and knowledge approach

You want to learn about how Microsoft Development is made? How they do? What are the tools? How to join the circle? You want to find a job? It is not very difficult to embrace this world.

– Download the Windows SDK for .NET 4. It’s free.

– Download Visual Studio 2010 Express Editions with all the bundle (C#, VB and C++ ); It’s free.

All the Microsoft softwares (most 90%) are made with C++. So start to learn and climb the pyramid. Learn C++. It takes 6 months. You’ll begin with C, C with classes and then modern C++ 11 techniques. Then, learn the modern languages like Java and C#. It takes 3 months. Then, learn a modern solution product like SharePoint or CRM. It takes 2 months. Learn for a database engine like MySql or SQL Server. Some editions are free. In less than 1 year, you can reach a middle intermediate software development fellow without so much pain. Study. Learn. Train. Build. Enjoy software development. Software development is a noble art. There is not another equivalent job that let you move on board for a modern job with a decent salary.

Windows Architecture – WOSA you missed my little boy

In 1998, it took me 3 months to achieve (with 1 exam failure…) the WOSA Windows Open Service Architecture exam. This exam was really that made me proud to join the Microsoft software development community. Everything is explained, from the beginning. From Windows Strategy, NTOS Kernel, Data Access Strategy to first-class languages like VB, C#, OLE technologies to Unix interoperability. Windows is the root of a certain education for programmers in the Microsoft ecosystem. Wired magazine has 16 heroes for it’s 20th birthdays, there are Steve, Sergey and Bill. Bill had the vision of softwares and software development. This époque is dead. Who can own this now on the Microsoft eco-system? Do .NET makers have achieved their initial goals? Let’s take a look the TIOBE index… C# is only at the 5th rank for a 6.8% market share. C/C++ is 1st with 17.3+9.8. The native stack (C, C++ and Objective-C) is far away from the so called “modern” language. Why? Power and Performance. Fast & Fluid. Run with small memory. Run with few memory resources. C++ is superior. The mobile device competition and the small tablet coming market address a lot of challenges were “productive” language are kept over. Marketing rules have limits. C++ and processor have some but when it comes to run softwares on hardware ships, the native world rules the world. Who said C/C++ was not secure and difficult to maintain? A MBA marketing Director with an Armani tuxedo ? Marketing guys have goals but Strategy is driven by software guys. Thanks for that. Windows 8 is the perfect example where marketing guys has to sell a “complicated” message. Stop SilverLight, just do HTML5 and JavaScript with a WinJS 2MB framework not documented yet… oops. My preferred liquor salesman is when Chris Sells talk about Don Box and its Essential COM book. Hum…. Don Box is my god, I must admit it. WinRT is powered by COM. Don Box is my favorite liquor salesman.