Microsoft technology in Navy and defense warfare

Some IT technologies have changed more than software development for enterprise and corporations. For industries like defense, proprietary operating systems and languages were a requirement. In the last decade, things have changed. Some technologies like .NET Framework and Windows Core technology made some great moves. May be you’re not aware of that but Microsoft also works with Governments and specially the US government. There is a Microsoft for Government consulting services.

In the defense area and in with navy-marine corps, Microsoft have a strong partnership and made a lot of investment to help achieve a major step from old and deprecated proprietary IT to open and standard IT. It covers network, infrastructure and application architecture. In some cases, there was a specific language for every application. It was a nightmare for doing maintenance and new features in every piece of software. Every year, the navy-marine symposium held in Redmond, Microsoft and the Navy presented the coming evolution of the FORCEnet program. It is an IT system for warfare. Do you know the movie War Games? It is the same but 10x times more powerful.

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From the field, soldiers have embedded device (Pocket PC) to be able to receive instructions and operate on the field. The technology is deeply integrated into the operation theater. In this case, the Microsoft technology have been chosen to replace all the various others technologies. The devices have solid requirements: stable, robust and live safer.

Do you have built software that could save life using Microsoft technologies?

The softwares are made using Visual C++. Power and Performance, once again.

What else?


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