My Windows 7 Application need a Capital Venture or a coach…

Regarding of the market and business reality, I really need some boost and features from my modeling application. Just download the source code and ask for more quality, features and ideas. The source code owner is CPIXXI Inc. All Right Reserved to CPIXXI Inc. By downloading the source code named Modeler1.7z.docx (rename it Modeler1.7z), you accept the following restrictions: 1° you cannot modifiy the source code except for learning purposes – 2° you cannot use to source code to make a commercial app. Stay fair. It took me months to have a working software and I have a full consulting job under real and complex Architecture and Infrastructure stuff around CRM, SharePoint, SQL Server, Windows, AD, IIS and so many Microsoft products with co-workers from MCS that, I often build my software during meetings. So because I am a part-time software developer and a Microsoft consultant field guy, I sometimes do not have the time to build so some routine are dirty coded. I admit it. But I keep confident, and my C++ experience allow me to just think of the code with pens and papers. I just use the “dog fog” theory. I use my own software to make my new software. All the conception of my May2012 code edition is built by mymodeler1 feb2012 edition. The source code is dated from February 2012, when I have presented to Tech Days 2012 C++ with a MCS co-worker consultant (AlainZ)…The source code from Feb2012 is just a demo, and it covers few aspect of C++11 except it can be build with boost under a command line with VC9 tools. The may2012 source code contains more stuff and a source code editor integrated into the view and tabbed views. It has a solution explorer, a property view and a file view. It is the prototype for the upcoming real software product : Code Name << UltraFluid Modeler >>.

Every archive (rename the docx to 7z) contains an EXE file under the Debug folder. Just rebuild the solution or use the EXE. Have a vcredit (VC10/VC11) and it should work. If you have probme when running the app, send me an email at :

download here the feb2012 demo

download a better version (more object oriented, with STL and C++ 11 stuff) but buggy version (loading files bug)

CPIXXI Inc. / It requires experts who know Microsoft. And know it well.

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