MyModeler on Windows 8 – Ready in T-20 days

MyModeler on Windows 8 is under construction. Compare the Windows legacy application with the Metro Style App. To be able to put my application on the MS Store, I have a strong list of requirements and Microsoft validations rules to respect. At this time, my application is built with C# XAML because it compiles fast and it is easy to learn the API and the visible side of the iceberg (not ::ComPtr<t> nor Platform:: stuff) but I just use the public API around the Shapes namespace. This is basic drawing stuff. The API is very minimalist so I just take my MFC classes and I migrate them from C++ to Windows 8. The enhanced GdiPlus like frameworks do not exists in Windows RT… You have to use another way, only XAML or DirectX. I will rewrite my software using C++ and DirectX but the time frame is short. I have tried the C++ way to built on my future platform & vision (native is superior). But the problem is that the C++ pair<Windows 8 CP, C++> is more complicated than legacy Windows C++ Win32 usage… oopps. My cpp handlers crashed in Metro Style Apps, not in C#…. My Excellence lab Windows 8 with Microsoft France occurs in 20 days so I don’t have the time to play with the Stack Trace. Productivity matters!

Learn. Train. Code. ReWrite; Code. Analyze. Ship.

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