Software Development Ideas and Opportunities

Software development is not easy but when it comes that you realize you use your own tool, it’s cool. In September 2011, I was upgrading some of my PCs and the Office 2007/2010 software activation has failed: too many activations. My new corporate laptop requires a modeling & drawing software to draw Architecture and Infrastructure diagrams during meeting with my company. Installing Visio was an option but I wanted more and because I installed a fresh and new OS, the corporate support was broken…. A friend told me, why you don’t build it?

It took me 6 months to design and build this software.

Now, I will embrace the marketing steps for the software to become a product with documentation, web site, support and may be a business model or a freeware stuff. I also enjoy thinking about a product roadmap where this prototype/demo will grow and may be a new challenge.

This software will be available either on Windows 7 and Windows 8 on the MS Store in some weeks in different versions, with different objectives : C#/XAML and C++/DirectX.

Secure, Native, Fast and Fluid software. Powered by Visual C++.

More to come on this web site :

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