Windows Architecture – WOSA you missed my little boy

In 1998, it took me 3 months to achieve (with 1 exam failure…) the WOSA Windows Open Service Architecture exam. This exam was really that made me proud to join the Microsoft software development community. Everything is explained, from the beginning. From Windows Strategy, NTOS Kernel, Data Access Strategy to first-class languages like VB, C#, OLE technologies to Unix interoperability. Windows is the root of a certain education for programmers in the Microsoft ecosystem. Wired magazine has 16 heroes for it’s 20th birthdays, there are Steve, Sergey and Bill. Bill had the vision of softwares and software development. This époque is dead. Who can own this now on the Microsoft eco-system? Do .NET makers have achieved their initial goals? Let’s take a look the TIOBE index… C# is only at the 5th rank for a 6.8% market share. C/C++ is 1st with 17.3+9.8. The native stack (C, C++ and Objective-C) is far away from the so called “modern” language. Why? Power and Performance. Fast & Fluid. Run with small memory. Run with few memory resources. C++ is superior. The mobile device competition and the small tablet coming market address a lot of challenges were “productive” language are kept over. Marketing rules have limits. C++ and processor have some but when it comes to run softwares on hardware ships, the native world rules the world. Who said C/C++ was not secure and difficult to maintain? A MBA marketing Director with an Armani tuxedo ? Marketing guys have goals but Strategy is driven by software guys. Thanks for that. Windows 8 is the perfect example where marketing guys has to sell a “complicated” message. Stop SilverLight, just do HTML5 and JavaScript with a WinJS 2MB framework not documented yet… oops. My preferred liquor salesman is when Chris Sells talk about Don Box and its Essential COM book. Hum…. Don Box is my god, I must admit it. WinRT is powered by COM. Don Box is my favorite liquor salesman.


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