Microsoft Certificate of Excellence – Do it matters ? – Services vs Products.

When it comes to develop software for real, all these kind of posters disappears. Software developers know how to make softwares. Consulting guys know how to sell services. The jobs are different. The motivations are different. The skills are different. Jobs should not be considered as the same. Consulting vs Software development is a topic that is very difficult to address because the barrier is not so easy to draw under some circumstances. Software development is taking a different approach rather than Services consulting. Softwares are not designed the same way. It’s a long term design against a short term software design. In services, if the solution is re-build and a new architecture is adopted every year, it is not a problem. In the Software Development area, this not an option. Software Development means huge investment. Services just brings solutions and marketing in the perspective of a mission, most of the time with a short timeframe window. Even the marketing phase is completely different. For Software Development, the marketing phase is about product features and it is integrated into a product roadmap. Certifications and Courses are the first step to embrace the consulting services world and its marketing and Services materials but Software Development is another world, like a Y branch, a fork. Far away from the requirements steps, the road to take should be determined but some factors like accountability, quality, delivery requirements, challenges, mobility and team collaboration. Team work is different in both branches. In Services, human collaboration, interaction and communication are very important, more than technical skills or IT expertise. Services challenges are not easy. Software Development most important factors are team collaboration, visions and technical and architecture skills. Every software developer is an Architect and write source code. In Services, few of Senior Consultants write source code. Delivery is complex but different.


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