CEO Read Books. Or, may be they should…

Like any other CEO, I am focused on sports, family and books. I love books. I love sports. But some books are greats. Any ideas ? My 0.02 cent.

Larson, Carl E. and Franck M. J. LaFasto. Teamwork : What Must Go Right; What Can Go Wrong. 1989. Relations, Objectives and Team Building.
Communications of the ACM, October 1993. Team Strctures.
Constantine, Larry L. Constantine on Peopleware. Englewood Cliffs, N. J. 1995. New Team Concepts.
Brooks, Frederic P., Jr. The Mythical Man-Month, Anniversary Edition. 1995
Thomset, Rob. When the Rubber Hits the Road : A Guide to Implementing Self-Managing Teams, December 1994
MacCarthy, Jim. 54 Règles d’or pour un grand logiciel. 1995. Microsoft Rules, Internals.
Heckel, Paul. The Elements of Friendly Software Design. 1984
Martin, James. Rapid Application Development. 1991. Chapter 10 for SWAT & RAD.
Peters, Thomas J. et Robert H. Waterman, Jr. In Search of Excellence. 1982. Multiple projects from castors teams.
DeMarco, Tom. Why Does Software Cost So Much? 1995
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