Compiling MFC from command line using NMAKE

One interesting point using Visual C++ 2010 samples is contained in the MFC folder. You can build mfc samples using a makefile using this command: nmake -a -f makefile. The makefile file just contains your obj files, and then the RC part. Then you #include mfcsamps.mak and that’s all.


OBJS=AppInit.obj CalendarBar.obj ChildFrm.obj ClassView.obj \
Data.obj \
DrawingContext.obj DrawingElements.obj \
Element.obj ElementContainer.obj ElementFactory.obj ElementManager.obj  \
FileView.obj MainFrm.obj Modeler1.obj Modeler1Doc.obj  \
Modeler1SourceView.obj Modeler1View.obj OutputWnd.obj PropertiesWnd.obj RibbonListButton.obj SourceCodeView.obj TabbedView.obj \
ScintillaCtrl.obj ScintillaDocView.obj


!include <mfcsamps.mak>

# Update the resource if necessary
Modeler1.res: Modeler1.rc resource.h
    rc $(rcflags) $(rcvars) -r -fo Modeler1.res Modeler1.rc

The project is named Modeler1 and the first part of the makefile contains the obj files. You take your cpp files and you write them using the obj extension. Next, the RC part is dedicated for resources.

The MFCSAMPS.MAK file is include into Microsoft Visual Studio\VC\ATLMFC\INCLUDE folder.



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