How to use log4cpp with Visual Studio 2012

Since end of december 2012, log4cpp has a support for VS 2010. You can now compile log4cpp without pain using VS 2010 or VS 2012.
Log4cpp is available on at
Log4cpp is small and efficient logging library with a support for configuration file with RollingFileAppender, etc.
First, you have to create a configuration file for describing your loggers wich are called appenders.


log4cpp.rootCategory=DEBUG, rootAppender
log4cpp.category.MyLogger=DEBUG, aLogger


log4cpp.appender.aLogger.layout.ConversionPattern=[%H:%M:%S.%l] %m%n

#end of file

Once your file is ready, you have to use the primitives of log4cpp to make traces available in the file name aLogger.log.

class MyLogger
 virtual ~MyLogger()
 bool Init()
   string initFileName = "";
  catch(log4cpp::ConfigureFailure& f)
   std::cout << "Configure Problem" << f.what() << std::endl;
   return false;
  return true;
 void LogDebug(string message)
  log4cpp::Category & mylogger = log4cpp::Category::getInstance("MyLogger");
 void Loginfo(string message)
  log4cpp::Category & mylogger = log4cpp::Category::getInstance("MyLogger");;

With this helper class, you can manipulate your logging entries very easily.

int main()
 MyLogger log;
 if( !log.Init() )
  return 0;
 log.LogDebug("Enter main...");
 log.LogDebug("Exit main");


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