The road to C++ 14

A couple of weeks ago, there were several Microsoft events like BUILD and Going Native 2013. For C++, there are several good sessions even in BUILD conference. Check theses links:

– What’s new for C++ developers in Visual Studio 2013 :

– The Future of C++ :

The Going Native 2013 conference is absolutely and only for C++ developers so all sessions are relevant. The link to the video and slides is here : You should check theses two videos:

– Bjarne Stroustrup – The Essence of C++: With Examples in C++84, C++98, C++11, and C++14 :

– Herb Sutter : One C++ :

Herb Sutter describes in its both sessions the roadmap to C++ 14 and the existing work made by Visual C++ to cover C++ 11.


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