Monthly Archives: February 2014

TechDays 2014 Slides for C++ session available on slideshare

Microsoft has made the slides available on slideshare.

You can also download the slides material here.

You can download the sample code for C++ Interop with WinRT here.

WRL and C++ promotion on stackoverflow

Because a lot of threads explain that Windows Runtime Components should be made with C++/CX, I have post my sample link on their site to make the promotion of my sample using WRL with standard ISO C++.

[sample] How to make a Windows Runtime Component using WRL and Standard ISO C++

I have uploaded a Windows C++ sample to illustrate how to develop WinRT components using WRL and standard ISO C++. It demonstrates how to create async method and the usage to return a vector of string and a vector of int using a template based vector container implemented using std::vector.

WRL and Standard ISO C++

Here is three new technical articles about how to write WinRT components using Windows Runtime Library (WRL) with Standard ISO C++ but not C++/CX. There are few documentation about that.

Windows C++

WRL and C++ | WRL and Async with C++ | WRL and STL collections with C++

It is all about how to implement those COM components using the WRL template library.