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Solutions Architect – the details

Here are the details of the skills for a Solutions Architect:

I am a Solution Architect

I was making some cleanup to my HDD and I have found an old (2006) Microsoft Learning presentation about skills for being an Architect. Is part of the Microsoft Certified Architect.

My new web site:

Here is my new web site :

Alias are and .

Windows 2000 source leak

This leak is excellent

For study only. During meetings…. J

NT4 source Leak

The leak is beautiful.

1 GB of Microsoft source code for NT4. I study at my customers office during boring meetings. It helps me J

WIndows Source Leak on torrent networks.

In the past, there were 3 important leaks of Microsoft source code.

First, it was Msdos_6.0_source_code.rar. 20MB

Then there was 230 MB.

Next there is which is Windows 2000. 210MB.

The source code reveals the complexity of the Operating system and of all its small programs that made what we call Windows.

I study the internals of Windows since 10 years and it’s still fascinating me. The complexity and the beauty of the code is amazing.

As a COM love (like Don Box said), I study all the COM infrastructure.

Recently, I had access to the Windows Research Kernel ( which represent to XP 64bit/Windows Server 2003 32bit code for the University track.

There is just the kernel into the package and it is available on University under NDA. To study the kernel, that’s perfect. The book Windows Internals is provided.

How to build a Web site on the Internet with Microsoft Technologies

First, go to for registering a domain name. It costs 10 dollars for a year.

Then register for a hosting company. My advice is and their shared hosting plans. For $30 for 3 years (means 1$ a month) you’ve got a hosting plan for classical ASP.NET 4.0.

It’s really great.

Just change the nameservers (NS) from Godaddy to point to AspHostPortal and you’re ready to go ! (wait few hours).

Then you need to build a web site. My advice is to use regular techniques with a master page a content place holder.

Building a web site is not very complicated. You just need time to understand the various HTML tag. Trust me, you need to build you web site using the source mode, in real HTML code ; forget about the designer. In my opinion, the designer is a preview pane of what your are doing.

In my case, I have choosen to copy a MSDN web page and follow the way of coding. Just brwose the various MSDN page and you’ll find something that suits your needs.

Here is the ddefault page with the master page loaded :

For my master page, I ripped the MSDN Library tree. I wanted something like a tree view. So it suits my need.

Look, it’s only a tree view and a title on the main page.

So the placeholder is left empty for each page to be filled.

Example: The event page show the content place holder:

The master page technology is powerfull and simple.

To maintain the web site, the best and simple thing is to use a FTP (popular) client like FileZilla.

Here it goes for a simple web site.

Made with Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate Edition with ASP.NET 4.0 Technologies.