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VSCode (vs SublimeText…)

For every developer, tooling is important; very important. When you’re confident your tools (ide, compiler, documentation), you can achieve great goals and successfull tasks. Microsoft decided to start VSCode, a light-weight editor. For experts (like me :) ), looking at the application folder allow you to determine how the software is made. The fact is that this little app is so performance oriented is that it’s only C/C++ that can achieve that. Looking at the dlls gives me the right position. MSVCR, MSVCP stuff belongs to the Visual C++ compiler redist. But I can see vccorlib which means the application could be hybrid stuff with C++ and C# stuff inside but I can affirm that. But I feel it. I think we have C++ CLR stuff may be. On the documentation, I saw they were using Roselyn, may be is it included in the binaries because Code.exe is heavy, near 47 MB.

For experts, you can say that VSCode is a clone of Sublime Text may be… The application is made the same way.
Light-weight, smooth, power and performance. All the C++ rules !

The C++ language – the basics – 1/5 in Programmez (french magazine)

In the July-August version of french magazine Programmez, I have written an article to learn the language step-by-step. As I wrote previously, this article belongs to a series of 5 technical articles. The goal is to demistify pointers, references, const and all this little trick of the language. The first article covers the basics. Into the next article, I will cover classes, the OOP item of the language.