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CPPCon 2018 slides

Here is the place to find cppcon 2018 slides :

Article in Programmez for December 2018

My new article will be available in December 2018 edition of Programmez magazine.

Installing WSL, Ubuntu Bash, GCC, G++ on Windows 10

First of all, install Windows Subsystem for LInux on Windows Features. Reboot.

Go to and install Ubuntu.

Run bash and create a user account with a password.


Make a “sudo apt update” to update the repo packages.

Then you can do “sudo apt install gcc” and “sudo apt install g++”.

You can copy your files from your Windows system to WSL using /mnt/<drive>. Take acre of converting files to UTF8 from VS using notepad++ or iconv.


Space Invaders 1978 clone in C++ with SFML

For Programmez magazine, I have done a simple game : a space invaders clone.


Collisions are handled between weapon/blocks and weapon/invaders. It’s fun !

Source code is available at