Microsoft Connect(); 2018 KeyNote !

En vrac:

  • Visual Studio Code Collaboration Mode
  • Visual Studio 2019 Preview
  • Intellicode : Intellisence avec machine learning
  • Nouveautés Github
  • NET Core 3
  • Open Source WinForms, WPF et XAML UI
  • Nouveautés Azure Cognitive Services

Microsoft Connect() ; 2018

You as developers more productive.

The world runs on software.

It’s a great time to be a developer

Next generation of softwares

Powerful open in a productive way

Connected Apps

Intellicode vs code extension

Azure App Service

Python function

VS Code and VS collaboration

Microsoft loves open source

Nat GitHub CEO

CD with Github

Build your pipeline


.NET Core 3

New capabilities

Fix my code

Power of Intellicode



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