Monthly Archives: October 2020

The Future Cover of My C# Book from DUNOD

The cover is made with Purple color. It’s close to my previous book, Aide-Mémoire C++ which was Blue color.

My new book about C# and .NET

My new book “Aide-Mémoire C#/NET”, written for DUNOD is finished and will be for sale on January 2021. here is the presentation of the book:

C# is a compiled object-oriented language created by Microsoft in 2001 for its .NET Framework platform. The C# language is a derivative of C++ and it shares many similarities with Java. C# is strongly typed, supports classes, functions, properties, fields, generics, operator overloading, delegates (function pointers), events, exceptions, and a LINQ query language. C# is inseparable from its execution engine, the Common Language Runtime (CLR), and from its NET Framework with its class hierarchy, the BCL (Base Class Library).
This cheat sheet covers the architecture of the .NET platform with the CLR, the C# language then important elements of the BCL such as I / O flows, the network, serialization, access to ADO.NET data, the multithreading, reflection, native interop and COM. The third part is dedicated to .NET Core, the cross-platform version that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux, with introductions to UWP, modern Windows 10 development and a final chapter on Linux development with Kubernetes for the world of micro-services. C# and NET are the future of software development according to Microsoft.