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Article for Programmez for Feb 2019

In February 2019 issue of Programmez Magazine, you will find my article about Rootkit Command and Control software. Enjoy !



A simple Logging Library : MyLoggingLibrary

If have developed a simple logging library for console and file and multiple support of appenders. It’s called MyLoggingLibrary.

I have made it available to github:

It was a sample for my students but it works and it’s simple to use. There is no configuration file.

// Client.cpp : This file contains the 'main' function. Program execution begins and ends there.

#include "pch.h"

int main()
	CAppender appender1("log");

	// Appender 2 de type fichier
	CAppender appender2("log");

	// Objet de configuration
	CConfiguration config;

	// Get Logger(s) "log" & use => affichage en console et écriture en fichier
	std::unique_ptr<CLogger> logger = config.GetLogger("log", Level::Debug);
	for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++)
		logger->Debug("Logging a Debug...");
		logger->Warning("Logging a Warning...");
		logger->Error("Logging an Error...");
		logger->Info("Logging an Info...");


Article in Programmez for January 2019

My next article will be in french Magazine Programmez in January 2019. It will talks about rootkits and key logger.


Articles C++ en Serie…


Basic – Partie 1 :

Les classes – Partie 2 :

Les Templates – Partie 3 :

STL – Partie 4 :

Boost – Partie 5:


CPPCon 2018 slides

Here is the place to find cppcon 2018 slides :

Article in Programmez for December 2018

My new article will be available in December 2018 edition of Programmez magazine.

Installing WSL, Ubuntu Bash, GCC, G++ on Windows 10

First of all, install Windows Subsystem for LInux on Windows Features. Reboot.

Go to and install Ubuntu.

Run bash and create a user account with a password.


Make a “sudo apt update” to update the repo packages.

Then you can do “sudo apt install gcc” and “sudo apt install g++”.

You can copy your files from your Windows system to WSL using /mnt/<drive>. Take acre of converting files to UTF8 from VS using notepad++ or iconv.