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Article for Programmez – March 2019

In few days, the french programming Programmez will contain an article about using OpenCV4 in C++ to make facial detection and recognition. It’s amazing what this library can do. Don’t miss the issue of the magazine.




Article for Programmez for Feb 2019

In February 2019 issue of Programmez Magazine, you will find my article about Rootkit Command and Control software. Enjoy !


Article in Programmez for January 2019

My next article will be in french Magazine Programmez in January 2019. It will talks about rootkits and key logger.


Articles C++ en Serie…


Basic – Partie 1 :

Les classes – Partie 2 :

Les Templates – Partie 3 :

STL – Partie 4 :

Boost – Partie 5:


CPPCon 2018 slides

Here is the place to find cppcon 2018 slides :

Article in Programmez for December 2018

My new article will be available in December 2018 edition of Programmez magazine.

Space Invaders 1978 clone in C++ with SFML

For Programmez magazine, I have done a simple game : a space invaders clone.


Collisions are handled between weapon/blocks and weapon/invaders. It’s fun !

Source code is available at