Installing .NET Core and VS Code under Ubuntu

My linux laptop has a new installation stuff : Visual Studio Code and .NET Core.

My articles for french magazine Programmez

Download PDF => N°148 | N°149 | N°150 | N°156 | N°173 | N°174 | N°187 | N°188 | N°189 | N°190 | N°191 | N°194 | N°195 | N°199 | N°200

You can download my articles here. Most of them are about C++ programming but there are few ones on C# and debugging…

Writing a software for a Trader

During long months, I have been working on a Trader App. The screens consist of grids with interactions and calculated formulas. Initialy, the guy was working with Excel. Now, it’s in a Windows Forms application powered by a MDI (Multi Document Interface) infrastructure using C#, SQL Server and WCF. A lot of data are acquired from the database. But some are accessed by Web Services. Look at the screens:






Access violation and WinDBG


This month, I have written an article about debugging under Windows for french magazine Programmez.

The main topic talks about how to prepare your code for advanced debugging techniques. Take a routine:

public bool InitSession()






// Do some work ...


return true;


catch (Exception ex)


Log.Instance.Error("InitSession failed", ex);

return false;



Because there are logging informations and exception handling and a return value for the function, it is easy to make debugging with this kind of stuff.

If your code does not contain logging informations, your last option is to use a system debugger : WinDBG.

WinDBG is redistributed under the Windows SDK or Windows DDK. Start WInDBG and attach the process you want to debug. The debugger attaches the process and put it in pause.

Launch the command go (g) and wait for it to be in an unhandled access violation case.

Load the “Son Of Strike” DLL which is SOS.DLL : .load C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\sos.dll

When your exception comes, ask for the stack dump using this command: !DumpStack

And the miracle is coming : the name of the fault routine is the first line of the dump:

In my case, the faulting routine is SDRM.Services.Svc.CallReutersWSForGrid1().

Debugging is easy (or not so complicated) when you have the right tools.

Enjoy !

The blog of the .NET Rangers by Sogeti

For some weeks, I have contributed to the SDNR blog of the .Net Rangers by Sogeti :

I have also done the main page of our site :

There are articles about Jit compilation, CLR and also my last project involving some grids on the same screen.

I have made an article for Programmez about this software to explain how the grids depend each other.

The article will be available on September issue of the magazine Programmez.

Not a C++ article but a C# article for Programmez French magazine

In the serie “Windows Programming” for french magazine Programmez, I have written the 3/5 article. It’s all about a Grid App with thread, timer, data access to SQL Server, access to Reuters Web Service et the ability to make traders work in a desktop application rather than in Excel. So there are also formulas… This is a C# .NET application.

Look at the UI (beta version) :

The upper grid is completely coded in C# with a DataGridView in a Windows Forms application.

It is completely coded like a C++ App. Every thing is hand made ; no databinding, no wizard.

It will be available in the summer edition of Programmez (July, August) and every thing will be explain : how to do memory formulas, data access and WS access to Reuters.

C++ Programming Windows – Part II – Programmez – Making WinRT component using C++ ISO

Next month in french magazine Programmez, you will find an article that I have written about programming WinRT components using ISO C++. This is the return of the new COM programming model.