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TechDays 2014 in Paris

This year will be a remake of TechDays 2013. We will present with Loic J. from CAST a C++ session about C++ 11 and Visual C++ product.

Session information: http://www.microsoft.com/france/mstechdays/programmes/2014/fiche-session.aspx?ID=aa2b32fe-c4a0-4abd-94b2-c4ebaa13c235

We will cover some fundamentals of C++ 11 and always a good taste of demos and source code.

Preparation for TechDays 2014 in Paris

This week is the last one to submit sessions to the TechDays 2014 in Paris that occurs in February 2014. This year, with Loic Joly, we will cover the Best Practices for C++ and focus of a specific feature of C++ 11 like shared_ptr<T> or unique_ptr<T>. We are working on it.

Previous sessions for TechDays I made:

– TechDays 2011 : ALM with Visual C++

– TechDays 2012 : C++ 11 Overview, with Alain Zanchetta.

– TechDays 2013 : Native Development using C++ 11, with Loic Joly.