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For the Record When it all begins was in 2003…

Microsoft Navy Marine Symposium Corp 2003 In Redmond, WA, USA. Building 33. Conference Center.

I discover the way to make a great achievement…

#Love #Dream #USA



C++ means Perfection. Windows is made with C and C++.

Il fait beau donc piscine !!!

Piscine !

US Navy Marine ForceNET

US Navy-Marine Corps – ForceNET.PPT

Herb Sutter : My CppCon talks

Herb Sutter : New Interview

CIA Click this link at your own risk…

A Series of C++ articles for French Magazine Programmez

I will write a monthly C/C++ chronicle for French Magazine Programmez.

– Overview of C++ (simplification du A Tour of C++ de Bjarne Stroustrup)

– Containers STL (simple)

– Algorithmes STL (simple)

– Structures, Classes et OOP (complicated) – multiple parts

– C++ templates C++ (complexity)

The articles will be signed “.NET Rangers by Sogeti”