Monthly Archives: October 2018

C++ courses at ESGI next weeks

On Tuesday 6 October, I begin a serie of 30 hours of C++ teaching for students 4th years of engineers students for ESGI school. It will be cool.

I love C++ and I will bring my enthousiam to the students.


After 12 months working as a Senior Consultant at NEOS-SDI, it’s time for me to go on another challenge.

For a major IT company, I will participate in building a Microsoft Gold Partner company, with software development competency.

It was not on my schedule but It’s a great opportunity. Stay tuned !

Article for Programmez – November 2018 – Windows Multithreading in C/C++

This article will be available next month.


Article for Programmez – October 2018 – Linux C++ Multithreading

My article is available in kiosk this month.