Monthly Archives: February 2018

C++ OOP Fundamentals

Next month in Programmez Magazine, you will find an article avec OOP with C++. It covers the basic of OOP, how to dive into , how to think and create code. Make your own classes and design behaviours in your classes !



MCP Programming C# PASS

I have passed the 70-483 “Programming C#” exam from Microsoft. It is a large scope game of questions… I must admit it was not so easy. But the most important is to pass it and now change my mind with others things !


Next month, it’s C++ & OOP Fundamentals

In the march Edition of french magazine Programmez, you will find a technical article about OOP in C++.

How to create an object model, thinking about how to create smart classes, how to hide or not members, abstract classes, virtual functions….

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