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C++ OOP Fundamentals

Next month in Programmez Magazine, you will find an article avec OOP with C++. It covers the basic of OOP, how to dive into , how to think and create code. Make your own classes and design behaviours in your classes !



Next month, it’s C++ & OOP Fundamentals

In the march Edition of french magazine Programmez, you will find a technical article about OOP in C++.

How to create an object model, thinking about how to create smart classes, how to hide or not members, abstract classes, virtual functions….

Envoyé de mon téléphone Windows 10

VSDemo App is on GitHub

You can download the source code on :

You can have a binary package here:

UltraFluid Modeler is on GitHub

You can found the source code of UltraFluid Modeler on GitHub:

You can found a binary package here:

My IDE can build exe or dll

Here is a small library to build… Just click Build and the dll is produced.

My IDE supports now .NET references from GAC or framework

Look at that:

References are added using pop-menu :

The dialog box presents the list of assemblies, either from GAC or Framework folder:

Now I have to handle that using the command line of running CSC.exe…

Stay tuned !


A code editor using Scintilla

Based on a MFC sample called VisualStudioDemo, I have modified the active view to embedded the MFC Scintilla wrappers provided by It is not very complicated because the wrappers are directly useful. Now I have to exploit the solution docking pane, and allow to build something. I think I will allow this app to run the C# compiler. I need to think about it…