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VSDemo App is on GitHub

You can download the source code on :

You can have a binary package here:


UltraFluid Modeler is on GitHub

You can found the source code of UltraFluid Modeler on GitHub:

You can found a binary package here:

My IDE can build exe or dll

Here is a small library to build… Just click Build and the dll is produced.

My IDE supports now .NET references from GAC or framework

Look at that:

References are added using pop-menu :

The dialog box presents the list of assemblies, either from GAC or Framework folder:

Now I have to handle that using the command line of running CSC.exe…

Stay tuned !


A code editor using Scintilla

Based on a MFC sample called VisualStudioDemo, I have modified the active view to embedded the MFC Scintilla wrappers provided by It is not very complicated because the wrappers are directly useful. Now I have to exploit the solution docking pane, and allow to build something. I think I will allow this app to run the C# compiler. I need to think about it…


The world is built on C++

The facts !


Why C++ in 2017 ? An article for Programmez !

In the October 2017 edition of french magazine Programmez, I have written an article about Why C++ in 2007  ?