VSDemo is now upgraded with many features…

“Open Folder” is the best feature of the IDE:

But if you want more comfort, check Enable Full-Screen :

All of the magic is done by the MFC framework. It’s beautiful and cool. :)


VSDemo App is on GitHub

You can download the source code on : https://github.com/ChristophePichaud/VSDemo

You can have a binary package here: http://www.windowscpp.com/Appz/VSDemo.zip

UltraFluid Modeler is on GitHub

You can found the source code of UltraFluid Modeler on GitHub: https://github.com/ChristophePichaud/UltraFluidModeler

You can found a binary package here: http://www.windowscpp.com/Appz/UltraFluid_Modeler.zip

My IDE can build exe or dll

Here is a small library to build… Just click Build and the dll is produced.

My IDE supports now .NET references from GAC or framework

Look at that:

References are added using pop-menu :

The dialog box presents the list of assemblies, either from GAC or Framework folder:

Now I have to handle that using the command line of running CSC.exe…

Stay tuned !


Open Folder feature done in my IDE

Look at that:

It’s an important feature to have software’s adoption.


Make your own IDE in C++

For the december edition of programmez n°213, I have written an article and developped an IDE using MFC and C++.