Midi Recording Studio with LMMS/VST

I have been a MIDI fan and synthesizers since I was a little child. I used the Amiga 500 Steinberg Pro 24 software and Bars’n Pipes amazing software.

Now, I run on PCs and Windows. I use LMMS as the record studio sequencer application. It’s free and has the VST plug-ins features. SO I can run all the electronic instrument made by third-party vendors.


I have tried the following virtual instruments:

Korg Lengend collections ($250): https://korg.shop/korg-collection-special-bundle.html…
Arturia DX7 ($200): https://www.arturia.com/dx7-v/overview
And the legendary Roland D50 ($20 per month): https://www.rolandcloud.com/catalog/legendary/d-50

If you want to be on a “Try before buy” mode, just go on https://vstorrent.org


It’s the sound of music groups like :Michel BergerQueenForeignerEuropeGoldIndochineEnyaJean Michel JarreMylène Farmer or Duran Duran

Also  Whitney HoustonChicago,[16] Prince,[6] Phil CollinsLuther VandrossBilly Ocean,[5] and Celine Dion.[17]


In addition to these



Article for Programmez for Feb 2019

In February 2019 issue of Programmez Magazine, you will find my article about Rootkit Command and Control software. Enjoy !


A simple Logging Library : MyLoggingLibrary

If have developed a simple logging library for console and file and multiple support of appenders. It’s called MyLoggingLibrary.

I have made it available to github: https://github.com/ChristophePichaud/MyLoggingLibrary

It was a sample for my students but it works and it’s simple to use. There is no configuration file.

// Client.cpp : This file contains the 'main' function. Program execution begins and ends there.

#include "pch.h"

int main()
	CAppender appender1("log");

	// Appender 2 de type fichier
	CAppender appender2("log");

	// Objet de configuration
	CConfiguration config;

	// Get Logger(s) "log" & use => affichage en console et écriture en fichier
	std::unique_ptr<CLogger> logger = config.GetLogger("log", Level::Debug);
	for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++)
		logger->Debug("Logging a Debug...");
		logger->Warning("Logging a Warning...");
		logger->Error("Logging an Error...");
		logger->Info("Logging an Info...");


Programmez – My Articles from Oct 2017 to Jan 2019

Here are my articles for french Magazine Programmez:

  • N°225: Rookit key Logger – PDF
  • N°224: Space Invaders 1978 en C/C++ avec SFML – PDF
  • N°223: Windows Le Multithreading en C/C++ – PDF
  • N°222: Linux Le Multithreading en C++ – PDF
  • N°221: Au coeur d’un Service Windows NoSQL – PDF
  • N°220: Créer un service Windows – PDF
  • N°218: Migrer son code C/C++ en 64 bits – PDF
  • N°217: Les Tests en C++ – PDF
  • N°216: La Programmation Orientée Objet en C++ – PDF
  • N°215: Utiliser shared_ptr<T> en C++ pour la gestion des ressources – PDF
  • N°214: Développez un IDE en C++ Partie II – PDF
  • N°213: Développez un IDE en C++ Partie I – PDF
  • N°212: Un serveur REST Web API en C++ – PDF
  • N°211: Pourquoi C++ en 2017 ? – PDF

Surface Go feedback

After two weeks of using the Surface Go, I am very satisfied. I have installed Office suite 2019 for documents and messaging stuff.

The Microsoft multimedia keyboard is easy to use… The Pentium processor is enough to run Office, VS Code and Visual C++. I compile my teaching projects very fast and it works well. The memory of 4GB is just a problem if you open 20 Chrome windows but if you close and open at regular basis, it works perfectly well. This is definitively a good buy.

C++ developers need few resources…

I have installed Visual Studio 15.9.4 on my Surface Go with only Visual C++ features.

As a C++ developer, I only rely on small features:

  • an IDE for managing files, projects and the editor
  • an ISO C++ compiler

Surface Go comes with a Pentium processor and fast hard drive so it’s cool for C++ stuff.

Surface Go for developers !

My gift for Christmas is a Surface Go with a Microsoft Media Keyboard and two 128GB SanDisk MicroSD cards.

I have installed all the necessary tools:

  • 7zip
  • Acrobat Reader
  • VLC
  • Winamp
  • Notepad++
  • Chrome
  • TechSmith Camtasia 2018
  • SysInternals Suite

I have installed the following Microsoft products:

  • Office 2019
  • Visual Studio 2017 15.9.2 with Visual C++ only tools -> 10 GB

After that, remaining space is 10GB.

On SD cards, I put data, ebooks and multimedia files (mp3 and movies).