Discover std::shared_ptr internals

I have written an article about C++ resource management and shared_ptr<T> template internals. It’s a free traduction and comment of Scott Meyers Item 19 of its new book : “Effective Modern C++”.

It will be available in February 2018 edition of french magazine Programmez.



VSDemo App Version 1.1 January 2018

My light weight IDE is updated…  The download link is always:

The source code is on GitHub :

You can build the source code and run the program. The code is compiled using Roslyn compiler which is shipped into the package.

An IDE made with C++ and MFC – Part II

For the January 2018 edition of the french magazine Programmez, I have written an article about building an IDE with open-source project Scintilla and Roslyn, the Microsoft C# compiler. My goal is that my daughter Lisa, 12 ans, can begin learning software development on it. The code is available on GitHub:


VSDemo is now upgraded with many features…

“Open Folder” is the best feature of the IDE:

But if you want more comfort, check Enable Full-Screen :

All of the magic is done by the MFC framework. It’s beautiful and cool. :)

VSDemo App is on GitHub

You can download the source code on :

You can have a binary package here:

UltraFluid Modeler is on GitHub

You can found the source code of UltraFluid Modeler on GitHub:

You can found a binary package here:

My IDE can build exe or dll

Here is a small library to build… Just click Build and the dll is produced.