Mixing C++ and C++/CLI .NET code in the same module

To manipulate the data about methods, fields and properties, I have to call the .NET assembly i have created. I just make a reference to this .dll only if my app supports the /clr compiler option.

Here are the structure of the data I will get from .NET assembly:

The method that is linked to the Ribbon icon “Import .NET Module” is shown below. I just call the CFileDialog to choose an assembly and then I call the .NET code. As you can see, the .NET code is called using C++/CLI with the ^(hat) symbol to define objects. In the .NET C# mode you don’t see it is a pointer to an object but in C++/CLI you have to declare it with the specific syntax. Once the method is called, I just take every data and put it in C++ classes.

Here is the code:


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