Software Development Learning Serie – Part I – The software learning and knowledge approach

Subject: Software Development Learning Serie – Part I – The software learning and knowledge approach

You want to learn about how Microsoft Development is made? How they do? What are the tools? How to join the circle? You want to find a job? It is not very difficult to embrace this world.

– Download the Windows SDK for .NET 4. It’s free.

– Download Visual Studio 2010 Express Editions with all the bundle (C#, VB and C++ ); It’s free.

All the Microsoft softwares (most 90%) are made with C++. So start to learn and climb the pyramid. Learn C++. It takes 6 months. You’ll begin with C, C with classes and then modern C++ 11 techniques. Then, learn the modern languages like Java and C#. It takes 3 months. Then, learn a modern solution product like SharePoint or CRM. It takes 2 months. Learn for a database engine like MySql or SQL Server. Some editions are free. In less than 1 year, you can reach a middle intermediate software development fellow without so much pain. Study. Learn. Train. Build. Enjoy software development. Software development is a noble art. There is not another equivalent job that let you move on board for a modern job with a decent salary.

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